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Medical Testing Network

Medical Testing Network is comprised of numerous laboratories, technology companies and industry service providers that are marketed via the ACZdirect platform. 

Our mission is to provide short and long term value to medical professionals and the businesses that they run.  To do so, we only partner  with best in class organizations that are committed to prompt service, accurate and efficient delivery methods, and constant innovation!

At the center of our focus is the level of patient care you are able to offer.  Everything we recommend is intended to make the experience of the patient better and more timely.

The organizations within our network offer boutique level service while providing the same if not better technologies and solutions as the multi-billion dollar organizations that don't care for you at the level you deserve. 

Your independent agent cares about you, your patients, and your business.  We are not concerned about the size of your practice.  Non of our products or services come with strings attached or long term commitments and contracts.  Rather you do one thing with us, or several, we care about your business and want to help you provide the best care possible to your patients at the most affordable rate. 

To do so requires the right partnerships, the right team, and the right technology.  ALL of which you will find with Medical Testing Network.